Clear Skies for Roofing Insurance Claims

You rely on your roof to protect your home from strong storms and the damage they can bring down on your property. When the Colorado skies clear and you discover you have storm damage on your roof, it’s best that you have it taken care of by a professional roofing company as soon as possible. AJ Boone Exteriors is that company, and we’d love to not only repair the damage done to your roof, but handle any resulting insurance claims.

We’ve Got the Experience and Industry Knowledge You Need

We’ve Got the Experience and Industry Knowledge You Need

While insurance is supposed to keep you from experiencing a headache, getting your insurance provider to accept your claim can bring on the king of all headaches. Rather than go back and forth with your provider on getting your damaged roof repaired, leave the job to us. Even if there aren’t signs of damage after a storm or hail, you could still have cause to file a claim. Things you should know about roofing claims include:

  • Your insurance rates won’t increase if you file a claim.
  • Your roof can be re-inspected by a different claims adjuster if the first inspection was deemed “no damage.”
  • The claims adjuster and your contractor may assess different amounts of damage, which often results in a discrepancy.
  • Usually, the insurance company will mail you two checks for your claim, one for the actual cost value and another for the recoverable depreciation amount.

You know that it’s great to have insurance on the most essential investments in your life, but you may not know everything about how that insurance works. We do everything we can to make the process as seamless and simple as possible in order that your roof is fully repaired and you maintain your sanity in the process.

Let’s Get Started on Your Claim

If you’re currently feeling frustrated by your insurance provider’s reluctance to accept your roofing claim, or if you have any questions about homeowners insurance claims when it comes to your roof, call AJ Boone Exteriors at (303) 942-0732 or submit a contact form while you’re here.